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What do you think of the logo? I drew it myself, can you tell?

FlareLint scans a MadCap Flare project for adherence to your style rules then displays a report in your preferred web browser. It’s like picking the lint off your sweater, only more fun. Build projects faster and more consistently.

Use the FlareLint report to make sure that your content, and the rest of your project, will give consistent output and won’t delay production. For example, FlareLint reports when a topic does not start with an h1 element.

FlareLint works independently of Flare. It inspects source files in Flare projects directly and does not rely on Flare’s output. FlareLint does not modify your Flare project or its source files. You don’t have to open a project in Flare or build a Flare target before using FlareLint.

FlareLint 2.0 (beta)

Note: This is beta release formerly known as FlareLint 1.3.

This is the upcoming FlareLint version, currently in development.

This version has a completely new way for defining rules. There is no need for you to learn Python programming to customize rules. You can create and modify rules using a simple, straightforward language. More details

For early access to upcoming new features, try this version.

Download the beta installer

FlareLint 2.0 User Guide

FlareLint 1.2 (stable)

This is the official version of FlareLint, ready to use for the ordinary tech writer. It’s feature-complete and tested by real tech writers like you.

Download the installer

FlareLint 1.2 User Guide


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